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Create "impetus" to attract investment
Cập nhật ngày: 30/06/2018 17:24 (GMT +7)
  Today, Yen Binh Industrial Park has attracted many domestic and foreign companies to invest in production and business.
Today, Yen Binh Industrial Park has attracted many domestic and foreign companies to invest in production and business.

On the investment map of the country, Thai Nguyen is located in one of the most prominent locations. Considered as a potential province, advantages, friendly government, open, production environment, business favorable, in recent years, Thai Nguyen has consistently ranked in top provinces and cities ranked good provincial competitiveness index, administrative reform index, public administration management.... In the eyes of the business community, Thai Nguyen is creating new impetus, attracting investors.

Recently, talking to reporters on the sidelines of the press conference preparing for the provincial investment promotion conference in 2018, leaders of the provincial people's committee emphasized that domestic and international investors have Thai Nguyen province is one of the few provinces with many investment opportunities, enough to implement projects to ensure success, prosperity. In recent years, Thai Nguyen province has attracted many capable, experienced and prestigious economic groups to invest in big projects, of which Samsung Group, the most prominent up to billions of dollars.

The latest provincial report also confirmed, The province has 869 investment projects, including 740 domestic investment projects, registered capital of 146 trillion; 129 foreign direct investment projects, registered capital about 7.3 billion US dollars. Especially, the newly-established enterprises in the locality reached over 6,300 units. In the first 6 months of 2018, the province has more 17 projects have been granted investment certificate and investment policy, registered capital up to 2,000 billion, including 5 foreign direct investment projects. In addition, in the past six months, there were nearly 400 newly established enterprises. Together with Samsung Group, the province has attracted many big projects of prestigious investors such as: Nui Phao mining and processing project of the Masan Group Corporation (capital of 10 trillion VND);  Industrial zone and urban infrastructure project of Yen Binh Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (capital of 5 trillion VND); The project of residential complex combined with trade and services of Vingroup Group Joint Stock Company (investment capital of 500 billion VND); The project of the An Lac Vien Invevco Cemetery of Invevco Group (capital of 1,600 billion VND)...

Representatives of FLC Group investigate the reality of investment in the province.

VINCOM PLAZA trade center and services of Vingroup Corporation are being invested in the area of Thai Nguyen city.

Production of aluminum products at Alutec Vina Limited Liability Company (Diem Thuy Industrial Zone).
Photo: The group of reporters

When asked "impetus" to help the province become an ideal destination for investors, especially foreign direct investment, Mr. Vu Hong Bac, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee said: The consistent view of the province is "friendly, companion with business", creating all favorable conditions for investors. The province focuses on building a system of incentive mechanisms and policies, attractive investment incentives, including special preferential policies on taxes, land and infrastructure… Investors in Thai Nguyen will be provided timely, complete and accurate information on investment. Investment procedures are dealt with under the "one-stop" and "one-stop shop" mechanism. For large scale projects, the Provincial People's Committee will set up a Steering Committee or Task Force to support the implementation of the project. Specially, the province has decided to shorten time for solving administrative procedures than regulations, especially procedures for investment approval and design evaluation of investment projects. In particular, some procedures are shortened to half the time compared to regulations.

The fact of the environment of the environment of the province are improve the improve of the most most most at the first in your thái nguyen that are satisfied. They are highly rating and action with the business of the primary permissions in province. They said that, the action at the following is an task of tasks, common through, shared hards, vướng mắc from working when working to complete and going to active. In a conversation with us, Mr. Lee Suk Soon - Chairman of the Board, General Director of Bujeon Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. affirmed: In Thai Nguyen, we recognize an attractive, dynamic investment environment, a training center with high quality human resources, and especially the support and facilitation of provincial and city leaders.  And Mr. Shim Won Hwan, General Director of Samsung Vietnam said that when planning to bring the Samsung Project to Thai Nguyen, the company management does not think the land clearance so fast. Only after 57 days, the unit has clean ground for construction.

Similarly, Mr. Do Thanh Trung, Chairman of Indevco Corporation, the owner of An Lac Vien Cemetery said: We have invested in similar projects in some localities, including Quang Ninh, but this is one of the fastest deployed projects. Fast by the business conditions are facilitated, ground and encouraged, regular urge of provincial and city authorities. Before deciding to come to Thai Nguyen to invest, the business itself is considered, considering that many localities also have advantages, but in the end, we still choose Thai Nguyen.

Implementing the views and guidelines of the Government and the Prime Minister, Thai Nguyen province is now fiercely building up the government to create, integrity, action, get the business object to serve, create conditions for businesses investment, business and development, ensuring equal rights for all enterprises. This particular interest has contributed to creating a strong attraction for a mountainous midland such as Thai Nguyen in attracting investors, from which the wave of investment in the province is not exciting.

Son Truong
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