SKZIC football tournament – Mau Tuat Spring 2018
Cập nhật ngày: 28/02/2018 18:08

On February 24, at the Hoang Van Thu Paper Corporation stadium (Thai Nguyen City), Tekcom Trading Technology Co., Ltd. (represented by SKZIC in Vietnam), Thuy Thinh Trading and Service Co., Ltd. (the exclusive distributor of SKZIC Korea's No. 1 oil importer in Thai Nguyen province) and the Thai Nguyen Boys' Travel Club organized the "SKZIC Football Tournament - Mau Tuat Spring 2018".

This tournament was attended by 8 teams from Thai Nguyen Driving Club (Club) from Thai Nguyen City, Pho Yen Town and districts: Dai Tu, Dong Hy, Phu Luong, Vo Nhai, Phu Binh, Dinh Hoa.

The matches took place in the exciting but dramatic atmosphere with the beautiful ball of the amateur players. After a playing day, the team from Dong Hy district won the first prize; The second prize belongs to the team of Thai Nguyen city and the team from Phu Luong district won the third prize. In addition, the Organizing Committee also awarded two additional prizes for best players and goalkeepers.

This is the second year that the tournament has been organized to create a healthy playground for the club members on the occasion of New Year as wel as be a exchanges place for between distributors of Korean SKZIC brand lubricants in Vietnam in general and Thai Nguyen province in particular with customers who have directly consumed and accompanied the brand in the last 7 years. In the program, the Thai Nguyen Boys' Driving Club has deducted a money portion of the prize to award a scholarship to their disadvantaged children and an allowance for members who have suffered a labor accident.

Phan Trang
(Thai Nguyen City)