Interested, learn about two traffic projects
Cập nhật ngày: 19/06/2018 07:51

In the afternoon of June 18, Mr.Vu Hong Bac, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee had a meeting with leaders of ESSBI Co., Ltd. (headquarter in Hanoi, to learn about traffic projects. Project: Improvement of Road 266 and Investment project for the construction of ring road I. Attending the meeting were provincial leaders of relevant departments.

At the meeting, Mr. Vu Hong Bac introduced to the ESSBI leaders about the potentials and strengths of the province, especially in the field of transport and urban areas which the Company cares. At the same time, Thai Nguyen province is committed to create the most favorable conditions for investors to implement the project quickly and effectively. He also emphasized that these are two projects that the province would like to call for investment at the Investment Promotion Conference coming here because of the impact, the great impact to the participation of people, as well as the socio-economic development of the locality. The provincial People's Committee assigns the Department of Transportation as the focal point to provide data and answers to investors' inquiries for these two projects. At the meeting, leaders of the Department of Transportation introduced to investors the most general features of the two projects on the map. Accordingly, for the project of upgrading the 266 road, the section from Song Cong crossroad to the intersection of Diem Thuy commune (Phu Binh), has been planned, is compensating the ground clearance, with a length of 5 km, total investment is about 550 billion VND, investment is expanded in the form of PPP-BT. Estimated investment scale of the road from 7.5m to 42m, the road surface from 5.5m now to 21m, with a separation of 3m, pavement 18m. The project of constructing the ring road I, from the Bo Dau - Cau river junction - Highway 1B - Linh Nham, has a length of 28 km, total investment of about 700 billion, investment form PPP-BT. The project is planned, not clearance. Currently, this is a rural road. Estimated scale of investment reached standard level III, road surface width of 12m, asphalt concrete surface width of 5.5m.

At the meeting, Mr. Park Jung Sun, Director of ESSBI Co., Ltd affirmed his determination and desire to be approved by the provincial People's Committee; Departments and sectors jointly implement the procedures for the project to be implemented soon. After the two projects are implemented, the company will continue to invest in further projects, in Thai Nguyen in particular, in Vietnam in general.

Thu Hang